Galatea Tech Closes Seed Round of Equity Financing

February 1, 2022
February 1, 2022 Chad Hayden

Galatea Tech Closes Seed Round of Equity Financing

Raising capital is hard. I’d like to thank all the investors we had the opportunity to meet and especially the ones who told us “no” and thoughtfully explained why. Feedback is so incredibly important and has both refined and deepened our confidence in our strategy, team and business opportunity. Your feedback has made us better. 

Ultimately, our team’s patience and persistence was rewarded.  Our Seed Round was led by Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) and included participation by existing investors, our employees and new sophisticated angel investors who have been advising the company for the past year. The team and I are humbled by the support and strategic growth in Galatea’s Cap Table.  

NGIF has shown their unwavering support to continue to push our industry towards a cleaner, greener and digitized future. NGIF’s entire team engaged with us on this journey and have been nothing short of true partners through all of it. With their support we are truly going to change the industry. 

We wouldn’t have got this round closed without the support of our board, advisors and existing investors who really leaned in when things got hard to help guide us. It’s incredible to have such a group of knowledgeable, diverse and caring people all aligned with our “Less Waste” mission. I feel as if we can literally move a mountain.

Through our journey we have formed some amazing partnerships with industry organizations like Foresight, Alberta Innovates and amii that have allowed us to grow our product, team and data-centered culture. Your organizations are so incredibly valuable to Galatea and the broader cleantech ecosystem.

We have been incredibly lucky in getting the opportunity to work with some outstanding clients. Clients that pushed our team and product.  Clients that came to the table with a partnership mindset.  Clients that really care about operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, safety and environmental performance which are foundations underpinning Galatea’s purpose. You are the leaders; the change agents; the catalysts for a better tomorrow. The energy industry is waking up to the benefits of digitization, automation and optimization and we feel like we’re in the early innings of a true digital renaissance.

The future at Galatea has never been brighter. I have never worked with a team that is hungrier, humbler and smarter than I do now and those key attributes have grown into our core values that we live everyday. If I’ve learned anything in this journey it’s that a company when stripped bare is all about the people. When you love what you do and the people that are beside you, you can achieve the unimaginable. 

As an industry we have a lot of work to do. We have a story to tell and a major role to play in the energy transition. Ladies and gentlemen, the show’s about to begin!