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Chad - Circle

Chad Hayden

Product & Strategy

14 years in field engineering & corporate sales, BD roles. Chad has developed multiple internal software ERP applications and is an expert at understanding client needs and translating to product.

Cara - Circle

Cara Haberstock

Client Delivery & Operations

Most recently, Cara led the client delivery team for Verdazo Analytics helping scale their business until the eventual sale to Pason in 2019. 17 years experience in the oil and gas industry in drilling, completions, and production operations.

Cam - Circle

Cam MacNaughton

Finance & Corporate Development

With over 25 years in financial & corporate development roles Cam has a wealth of expertise in capital strategy and sustainable business growth with a proven track record of successful deal-making.

Josh - Circle

Josh Kahn

Engineering, Operations & Analytics

Josh graduated with a combined degree in Engineering and Finance along with experience in the field and office for a large O&G producer. Josh is building expertise as a data analyst to create actionable insights for clients’ operations.

Ashley - Circle

Ashley Yip

Environmental & Regulatory Expert

For the last 10 years, Ashley has helped producers manage cradle-to-grave regulatory reporting. Ashley is an expert at understanding, optimizing and automating client workflows in operations, environmental and regulatory functions.

Allan - Circle

Allan Chrenek

Revenue Operations & Marketing

Allan has spent the last 12 years in project management and field operations roles. Allan has worked for engineering companies and was tasked with designing, building and operating oilfield facilities across western Canada.

Jordan Meyer - Circle

Jordan Meyer

Advisor - Engineering & Operations

With 10 years of industry experience in operations, asset management and digital transformations roles, Jordan is an Expert at understanding the complexities around operational workflows and the underlying economic models. Jordan is currently the Manager of Exploitation Engineering at Saturn Oil & Gas.

Bertrand - Circle

Bertrand Groulx

Advisor - Strategy, Data & Commercialization

Bertrand spent the last 20 years pioneering Oil & Gas analytics software with his company Verdazo. Bertrand has deep domain expertise in oil and gas operations, data & analytics and scaling technology. Bertrand has earned the recognition as one of the most recognized thought leaders in the energy industries digital transformation.

"Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi



Rob Logan

Lead Director

Formerly CEO Osperity
Board Member of ATB Financial


Curtis Birchall


Principal at Longbow Capital


Ken Zinger


COO of CES Energy Solutions Corp.
President of PureChem


Rod Stearn


CEO Whitewater Management


Dustin Wilkes

Board Observer

Co-Founder United Pacific Projects
Formerly President Parkland Pipelines


Frank Sur

Corporate Secretary & Advisor

Partner at Gowlings LLC