July 6, 2020 Chad Hayden

Galatea Tech Appoints Board of Directors

Galatea Tech Appoints Board of Directors

There’s an age old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” and having a few kids of my own I know it to certainly be true. The same goes for starting a company, in fact it’s taken more than a village to get here today. 

I’m very thankful to live in a city and work in an industry of such generous people. The amount of questions I’ve asked and the time they’ve committed to Galatea’s journey is nothing short of incredible. Industry veterans I could only dream of speaking with a few years ago have taken the time to pick up the phone when I call and share their own journey and most importantly offer wisdom about the mistakes they’ve made.

This is a city built by entrepreneurs and I hope Galatea and our story serves as motivation for the next generation to get out there and solve real world problems. There is no shortage of problems, clients willing to share their pains and people willing to help guide you through the journey if you’re willing to put in the work.

With that, I am extremely happy and privileged to announce Galatea’s Board of Directors. Each Director has provided our team with unique and strategic perspectives on how to achieve our goals, run a company, obtain new capital and clients and most of all give us the confidence and knowledge that we’re on the right track. Building a diverse team of people with some of the deepest industry knowledge that are willing and excited to invest in our success and failures is one of the best things we’ve done for our company this far. 

It’s my pleasure to introduce Galatea’s Board of Directors 

Rob Logan – Lead Director

Rob has been instrumental in our journey. His wisdom has guided us through our toughest decisions and his drive to get down to the essence of the problem is something we’ve all learned to echo in our roles. Rob is the mastermind behind our vision and strategy and we’re honored to be able to tap into his experience and advice.  

Most recently Rob was CEO of Osprey Informatics, is currently on the board of ATB Financial and spent a large part of his career with CIBC and Citigroup.

Curtis Birchall – Director

Curtis brings the private finance market perspective to our business and allows us to tap into his mindset to understand and leverage our relationship with the capital markets. Curtis is a generous collaborator and works very hard to understand what we do and listen for opportunities to help us grow our company. 

Curtis is a Principal at Longbow Capital, a Calgary based private equity with over $500MM of Oil and Gas assets under management. 

Rod Stearn – Director

We’ve met very few people that understand how to build incredible teams better than Rod. As we grow our company checking the “pulse” in the field will be crucial for adoption and success and there’s no better mentor than Rod to help build our roadmap. Rod has also demonstrated an incredible proficiency for diversifying into adjacent verticals we’re going to look to leverage as we grow into more markets and opportunities.

Rod is the CEO of Whitewater Management providing energy producers across western Canada with customized industrial water management solutions including supply, transport, reuse and disposal.

Ken Zinger – Director

Ken is someone we’ve looked up to for a long time. He is truly a master at developing some of the deepest relationships we’ve ever seen and he’s generous enough to introduce us to his network. Ken has also grown a US subsidiary of a Canadian company into one of the largest players in their market. This experience is going to be pivotal to our success as we grow our geography. 

Ken is the COO of CES Energy Solutions Corp. and President of PureChem. These companies are a leading provider of technically advanced consumable chemical solutions throughout the life-cycle of the oilfield across North America.

Dustin Wilkes – Board Observer

Dustin has brought an incredible amount of knowledge around tech investing and the ecosystem to our team. He’s helped us get into the mindset about thinking steps ahead and what actions we need to take now to affect our trajectory and strategy.

Dustin is the Chairman and Co-Founder of United Pacific Projects, a new smart ILI tool company. Dustin was formerly the President of Parkland Pipeline until its sale in 2017. 

Lastly, we would like to give a shout out to our Corporate Secretary Frank Sur. We would not be here today without his guidance and generosity. Dealing with IP, shareholder agreements, MSA’s and everything else that goes into building a business has been one of the most taxing parts of the journey but Frank made it much easier…. and almost enjoyable. In addition to his legal guidance Frank has provided push back, humour and most of all a common-sense approach. 

For more information on our board please visit https://galateatech.com/our-team/