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Are you paying too much for trucking and disposal?


The Waste Disposal Industry is Inefficient!

Are you paying too much money for trucking and disposal? Relax, everyone is. And here is why…

All Facilities Are Created Different.

Which one can take my waste?

Activity Creates Wait Times.

How much does that cost?

We’re Full, Sorry!

But I’m already here…?

How Much Does it Cost?

Why is every companies disposal pricing different?

Road Bans.

Well, that complicates things.

Reserved Capacity!

Wait… not for me?

Do You Take Sour Fluids?

What do you mean how sour?

Ticket Auditing.

I know they added some extra hours somewhere.

Here's What Companies Do Today

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite decision making methods. Sound familiar?

“The List”

“We have a list of all the facilities in the area. When we have a load we start from the top and call every facility to see if they have capacity. First one with room gets the load.”

“The Closest Facility”

“We just use the closest facility. If we show up and there’s a wait time we go somewhere else, we don’t even look at disposal pricing because it doesn’t matter.”

“The Contract”

“We get the best pricing by committing to a set volume with a waste facility, that way we get reserved capacity and a dedicated riser. It’s too hard to stay ontop of the market so we just lock in for a year. “

“The Truck Driver”

“We have 50 loads going out today and I’m busy! I don’t have time to make calls. I give the truck driver a few options and let them decide where to go.”

How Inefficient?

We’re proving savings to our clients of over 20% on waste disposal and trucking costs.

The Waste Coordinator Advantage

We’re hyper focused on helping producers find the optimal disposal option on every load.

Optimal Option, Every Load

We calculate the optimal disposal option on every load.

In real time we gather disposal costs, estimating transport costs and gathering facility level info like acceptance, wait times and capacities to help you find the best option in the market.

Producer Owned Capacity

We market producer owned disposal capacity.

We give producers the ability to market their excess disposal capacity to other producers. Did you know there are over 900 producer owned disposal facilities in Alberta alone?

Optimize Your Business

We help you see the inefficiencies.

Leverage your data to audit tickets, report on and improve performance, monitor and increase your efficiency. You can even reduce, quantify and report GHG emissions from our app.

Value Proposition

Waste Coordinator is the only web based geospatial application that calculates the optimal disposal decision on every oilfield waste & water load. 

Each year, in North America alone, oil & gas producers spend over $40 billion dollars on trucking & disposal. This presents a huge opportunity to optimize one of the largest operating expenditures over the life of a well. 

This market is advantageous to technology disruption as it is highly regulated, constantly changing, and the outputs from each disposal load are onerous and clerical. This allows Galatea to provide cost saving automation which can be directly applied to our client’s business process, all while providing material savings. 

There has never been a better opportunity to leverage Galatea’s proprietary SaaS platform and what we call “intelligent service” to optimize disposal markets by discovering, connecting and communicating real-time supply and demand balance past, present and predictive. 

  1. Find the optimal disposal decision on every load
  2. Increase your revenue by marketing underutilized disposal capacity
  3. Reduce, quantify and report GHG emissions
  4. Leverage your data to audit tickets, report on and improve performance, monitor and increase your efficiency

Our subscription-based platform is accessed via the Waste Coordinator website on any device. We offer a 24/7 dispatch service where operators or truck drivers can connect with our experts to coordinate loads or look for advice.

Manage Your Waste Facilities

Our platform was also designed to allow facilities to manage and interact with their disposal customers. Our intelligent platform allows you to:

  • Manage your active wait list
  • Manage reservations
  • Receive load ETA’s by email
  • Publish wait times & capacities
  • Manage client specific pricing
  • Perform market sensitivity analysis
  • Report on efficiency

For more information or to book a demo please email sales@galateatech.com