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Galatea: The energy industry’s best technology platform to digitalize, optimize, and automate transportation workflows - enabling businesses with the data and tools necessary to maximize operational, financial and environmental performance.



Create digital forms, improve accuracy, and increase transparency with our comprehensive and user-friendly digital solution.



Don’t just find it — fix it. We equip you with the visibility to make impactful business decisions, with confidence.



Embrace the convenience of full transparency and frictionless support by trusting Galatea to automate your workflows.


Before Galatea, we worked for producers, transporters, and receivers. The problems we solve today are the ones that used to keep us up at night. We help clients craft the workflow we wish we had.

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“Galatea gave us so much visibility into our operations. We can finally have conversations around logistics based on data. I can’t imagine operating an asset without it.”
- Production Engineer 

“Our field operators have an endless list of tasks, Galatea is one of the few solutions that actually removes tasks. They helped us rethink our field ticketing workflow while reducing our costs by 20%. It’s almost too good to be true.”
- Area Foreman  

“When trucks show up to haul waste I’ve always known in the back of my mind that I’m liable. With Galatea’s logic around selecting the right waste characterization it gives me confidence that every load is compliant.”
- Lead Operator

“The best part of Galatea is their support. They are the real subject matter experts and anytime I call, day or night, I get the answer I need. I can’t stress how important this is when you run 24/7 operations.”
- Site Supervisor

“When we started working with Galatea I had to get trained up on positive reinforcement. In the past I had only been alerted when there was an issue. Galatea let’s me see realtime performance of my teams, my asset and my vendors. Now I call to say “Thank You” and “Good Job”
- Area Manager

“Galatea makes my job 50 times easier. Their product has become our system of record for truck tickets and cut sheets. I used to have to call around at the end of the month requesting missing tickets to balance our books, now it’s all here.”
- Production Accountant

“We got audited by the regulator a few weeks ago, when I showed them Galatea’s platform they were so impressed I ended up giving them a demo. The software is so easy the demo actually turned out pretty good.”
- HSE Manager

“I wish everyone used Galatea. It makes our life so much easier. When things get busy, we end up giving our best drivers and best trucks to the producers that use their software.”
- Sr. Dispatcher

“Galatea makes me look like a rockstar. They have the easiest reporting platform that allows me to keep everyone informed on the project. The best part is when I need a change they do it on the phone with me in real time!”
- Waste Coordinator

“Gathering waste data used to take me a couple days. From getting the reports to massaging the data in excel it was a process I dreaded. Galatea has automated it away, it’s so wonderful to know that it’s handled.”
- Waste Tracking Coordinator

“Being able to add logic to our landfill approval application saves us so much time. These applications used to come half filled out and more often wrong than right. This all went away when we moved to Galatea.”
- Landfill Administrator