Ovintiv Inc. has partnered with Galatea Technologies Inc. to implement Waste Coordinator, a fully electronic waste management solution. The transition to this solution ensures regulatory compliance while providing several gains of efficiency for all parties of the process.

Waste coordinator will digitize the waste handling processes for the management of hazardous (DOW/D) and non-hazardous waste (non-DOW/N) shipments; while meeting the requirements of federal and provincial regulations for Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Receiver: Receivers will complete the entry of load receipt data directly within the electronic manifest. This will eliminate the regulatory burden of returning manifests back to the waste generator.

Examples of Receiver Benefits

  • The electronic completion will meet the timeline obligations for returning a manifest.
  • There is no requirement to mail manifests back to the Generator.
  • There is no need to maintain waste summaries for Generator reporting.
  • Accelerated invoice reconciliation by the Generator to validate disposal charges.

Carriers: Drivers will receive the waste manifest via text message. This will require them to have a cellular phone capable of receiving an SMS and a web browser with internet access.

Examples of Carrier Benefits

  • The elimination of additional travel to obtain a manifest.
  • Accurate manifests will accompany shipments.
  • The removal of responsibility to provide the manifest to the Receiver.
  • No need to retain a manifest copy as a backup to an invoice or truck ticket.

Waste Coordinator Dispatch