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The Future of Automated Waste Disposal

How it Works


Monitor waste disposal requirements and real-time facility information to optimize every load


Schedule your daily load plan and trip routes with intelligent scheduling


Dispatch automation to book loads to any facility quickly and easily


Track loads and gather data immediately when the trip has been completed


Automate invoice approvals by comparing estimates to actuals and manage by exception


Analyze your data, track & trend operator, facility and environmental performance

The Waste Coordinator Advantage

Digitalize Your Workflow

We provide full digital transparency.

into the field tickets, manifests, trucking vendors and environmental performance (GHG) metrics

Optimal Option, Every Load

We calculate the optimal disposal option on every load.

In real time, we gather disposal costs and transportation costs to determine the best option.

Producer Owned Capacity

We market producer owned disposal capacity.

We give producers the ability to market their excess disposal capacity to other producers.

Value Proposition

Waste Coordinator is the only web based platform that automates and digitalizes the entire oilfield waste workflow

Automation & Digitalization Savings

  • Automatic disposal scheduling and truck dispatching
  • Audit ticket estimates to actuals to increase efficiency
  • Reduce paperwork through digital manifest creation, truck ticket and waste disposal invoice capture
  • Automate invoice approvals by comparing estimates to actuals and manage by exception

Lower Transportation & Disposal Costs

  • Fully optimized disposal decisions
  • Access to producer owned disposal capacity
  • Manage internal facility loads
  • Market excess disposal capacity = Revenue

Easy Implementation

  • No CAPEX costs
  • One day, zero-cost implementation
  • Realize savings on first load

Reduce Environmental Impacts

  • Track and trend reductions in GHG emissions
  • Monitor waste and water usage
  • Consider economic impacts to reuse, treat or recycling

Manage Your Waste Facilities

Our platform was also designed to allow facilities to manage and interact with their disposal customers. Our intelligent platform allows you to:

  • Manage your active wait list
  • Manage reservations
  • Receive load ETA’s by email
  • Publish wait times & capacities
  • Manage client specific pricing
  • Perform market sensitivity analysis
  • Report on efficiency

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