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By Chad Hayden
Last Update: April 07 2024

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Chad Hayden is the President, CEO and Founder of Galatea Technologies here in Calgary, AB. After getting over 10 years of field experience from land and off-shore drilling rigs, to running as a mud man, all the while learning to write code on his own, Chad discovered himself to be a problem solver. While in the field he also discovered some serious flaws in the industry. 


Chad worked to find a solution to these issues by living the pain in those specific industries, namely: trucking! 

In this episode we discuss work ethic, the future of energy, software development, drilling rigs, centrifuges and solids management, water and waste management and finally to building a successful business from the ground up, while going through Covid right after a financial capital raise for the venture! 

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Location: Studio Luma, Calgary, Alberta